Thursday, February 22, 2007

It`s me again!!!

Dania after bath in her redecorated room

hey people ... finally i got the time to write down ... i was extremelly busy with my studies and assignements that i couldn`t even look at my blog...alot of events happened here and there..actually .. i was shocked to know that this is my first post in 2007 .. first one after two months from the new year.. waw .. long period!!
Anyway...i was checking the other blogs and i was so happy to see this growing number of libyan bloggers.. i even added some of them to my favorites..i liked Maisoon`s blog and her sister Damoon`s they really rock..the list is growing guys ,, this is fantastic.. i feel like if i have a seperate world apart from my daily stress and pressure .. this is my virtual oasis.. if i can call it this way.. people ..i`m addicted to blogs ...and it is beautiful.. reading others stories .. memories and funny moments.. it is so beautifull..
in the last few months, many happenings took place around the world and on a personal basis..i will try to catch up with some of them..

  • Saddam`s hanging .. it was an extraordinary way to say Happy Eid...!!! few seconds in this man`s life changed his status from the ultimate monster and war criminal to a hero and a man of honor ... thanks America...

  • a big new year`s eve party here in Newcastle Upon Tyne had been cancelled due to the extremely bad windy weather.. typical!!

  • i had to write some assignements during the month of January .. and it was an arround the clock hard work.. i barely slept.. i`m not used to this kind of study ,, people.. give me exams and i will be great!!

  • we had to buy a new small TV to Dania because she gave us a hard time playing her DVD`s ALL THE TIME!!! really all the time.. starting with Madagascar and ending with Shrek 2 .. every single day .. now we r in heaven enjoying watching normal programs while our little princess is watching her favourate films in a seperate room...

  • My Husband started his studies at University.. we had a difficult time finding a place to Dania in one of the nurseries around us.. here in the old beurocratic Britain, children must complete three years old to go to nurseries ,, Dania is three now but would only go next september .. don`t ask me how ,, these are the rules!! we found a baby sitter or as they call them here: child minder..Dania is doing great with her.. i`m so glad that our hard time searching for a suitable nany ended up in a good way.. now we are both full time students in the same uni.. it is exciting.. thanks huppy ..for your patience throughout the last year taking care of our daughter .. you`re an ideal dad..

  • there was this most talking about reality show that i was addicted to... yeah .. it is Celebrity big brother.. it was a worth watching with all the problems and bullies.. not that i`m a freak enjoying watching people being bullied by others.. noooo .. i was envying this Indian actor " Shilpa Shetty" standing to all this bully with dignity and self respect .. she won the hearts of all british people .. good for her.. i really respected her for her self respect... i also enjoyed the long cnversations between the two american celebrities.. Jermain Jackson and Dirk Benedit... by the way people .. Jackson was holding his Sebha all the time (you know he is muslim) and was putting his sallayah on the bed .. i really like this beautiful image of a moderate ..normal just normal muslim ..

  • talking about Big Brother .. now in Italy there is a new series of big brother and guess what .. yes people .. me again watching the every day brief and waiting for the weekly nominations.. and go on .. definitly ..sings of addiction..!!!

  • hey i was just watching a program in Italia Uno about big brother... they showed some infrared videos of the BB house at night ... where is the news? well apparently they discovered throught this footages that there are other happitants inside the house ... not only the contestants... but small ugly creatures running under their heads during the nights .. yes.. RAAAATS... three rats according to this program are running freely in the corridors and rooms of the big brother house... i don`t know if they cleaned their house after these videos leaked ,, i just felt disgusted to see these poor guys locked in this filthy house.. yackeeee!!!

  • on the sixth of this month we celebrated the birthday of my Dania.. she was so happy with her cake and so excited that she almost burnt her fingers trying to remove the candles while still hot... i had to explain to my sister and mum why she was crying hard in the photos...!!!

  • dania know all the numbers in arabic and english .. most of the colours and almost all of the animals even the Racoon !( one of her DVD`S had a character leader as a racoon called RJ) I`m soo proud of her as she didn`t learnt it from me .. nooo.. it is from a baby channel in TV..which is speicalized in babies from 0-3 ...

  • my sister is expected to give birth to our new addition in our growing family within the next few days..i`m really puzzled .. mixed feelings are growing inside my mind.. happiness , excitement .. fear.. sadness to not be near my only sister... i`m just glad that mum made it and is now near her daughter with my other causin to look after her... i`m waiting for you little meedo.. i pray to god that you come to this world a healthy and loving baby..

  • as usual i`m missing my mum more than ever.. she keeps assuring me that she will come as soon as she finished with my sister issue.. but i can`t but miss her...

  • waiting for dad.. he is supposed to come in the next few days... i can`t wait to see him...

  • proud of my borther Aladdin who is taking care of my family home during my mum absence.. he even cook for dad..and take control of the daily issues...`re unique ..

  • we redecorate Dania`s room and now it is a Winnie the Pooh inspired room,,, she really like it and hardly leave the room now.. the new TV is there as well..

  • is it me or this post is quiet long...and ...what`s wrong with Britney Spears..!!!

hope that i can go on posting regularly.. i really enjoy your company.. it is a wonderful feeling being part of this little libyan community...

Dania`s mama