Thursday, June 29, 2006

The World Cup Fever again!!!

For the English people here it is not a simple world cup ,, instead, it is a battle of glory.. you can just see their flags almost everywhere !! on the cars ,roofs and house`s windows ..
i realy wish that the English team wins its next match ,, to see more of these flags !!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer time!

hey ..guess what ?? it is summer time....
but here in Newcastle .. we`re still waiting for it to come

and here is Dania struggling to have some fun time ..

Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh!!! it`s GEORDIE..
when I first came here, i thought that i have a good English language ,, untill i met the first person here ,,, and it was horrible !!..oh my god!!!!!! do they speak English??? ,, or is it me who doesn`t understand????? ..
when we first went to the city centre we had to take the bus ,,so i pushed Abubaker to ask the driver for tickets..but there was alot of "excuse me !!!,, pardon!!!,, sorry!!!!": my husband was struggling to understand the driver , but finally (and because Abubaker was clear in his question about the tickets) the driver gave us the tickets ,, but we were so disappointed with the local dialect ,,,we realized that we will make a great effort to cope with this language!!!,, their dialect sounds like the German way of speaking ,,
later we understand that this is the Geordie Dialect and "it is one of the oldest dialects in Britain, coming from ancient Scandinavian and German languages.
Geordie and Northumbrian words are more than 80% Angle (Danish) in origin. "(quoted from the BBC website)..
well now i`m used to the Geordie ,, although still don`t undersand most of it but i`m trying..
take a look at the BBC website , there are some sambles of the Geordie dialect..
have a nice geordie time!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Alan Shearer..
for every person here in Newcastle , Alan Shearer is a legend ,, he is a super hero and the symbol of Newcastle glory and pride..
Alan Shearer was one of the greatest players in the England team and a legend in the newcastle United Football Club..
when he played his last game before quitting football ,, people here were very emotional and the stadium was so crowded ,, and the next day Newcastle was all covered in the white and black colours (Newcastle football squad`s colours) ,, anf the Earl Grey Monument (one of Newcastle Symbols) was all covered in black and white ,,, everywhere there were thank you`s and we will never forget you`s on the walls , over the stores and everywhere!!
So,,when we heard last week that he is coming to sign some photographs to his fans in our nearby supermarket ,,waw!! it was great ,, we just woke up so early that day and went there and we took this photo ,, oh !! the supermarket was so crowded, people were everywhere waiting to see him ,, but for Dania this is a supermarket and we are here to buy biscuits and chips ,, so she was shouting all the time BATATAAAA..BATATAAAA(chips in arabic!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so we surrendered and we started to do our regular shopping including her chips and biscuits ..on the way out we saw his big bus going and the people outside waving for him and taking the last photos of their living hero..

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Heart Breaking Story

I`m so touched by the story of the two girls from USA who did a terrible accident; one survived and the other was killed and then a roller coaster of events had changed their families lives for ever:
The Ceraks family burried their daughter after she had been killed in a terrible accident ,, but six weeks after; they had been told that their dead daughter is alive !!
a dreadful mix-up of identities at the scene of crash and later in the mortuary, meant she was mistaken for her college friend Laura Van Ryn,, they were almost identical; same hieght, same weight and good looks..
while Whitney Cerak family grieved for their beautiful daughter ,, Laura family were taking care of their (as they thought )daughter waiting for her to recover..
but in a heartbreaking twist ,, whitney emerged from her -month long- coma and whispered her name,, the mix-up stunned the families and all America..
laura is the dead one and whitney survived..
please check out the memorial video: that Laura`s family did to their beloved daughter , and the blog of the Cerak family about the progress of their -now alive- daughter..
it is an emotional - heart breaking - story to tell..

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It`s the world cup fever ,, Abubaker is glued to the TV ,,and if it is Argentina in the match ; this means yelling..shoutings..cryings..and singings...i realy pray for Argentina to win the cup for my husband`s health ,, although i like the Italians but i have no hope that they will even pass the next step,, i`m so disappointed ,, well i also hope that England will go further through this tournament `cause i would like to see some celebrations and parties around here..
yesterday i went to our supermarket to bye some goods,,it was so calm and quiet ,,then i realize that England was playing at the time ,,no cars in the streets ,, no people on the roads,,and shops sooooooooooooooooo empty ,,, exellant time for shopping!!!
Above are some photos from "Il Mondiale"as the Italians say!

Monday, June 19, 2006

this is dania in a play ground
This is our little family`s diary, we live in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK our family is consisting of me [Main Member!], my husband Abubaker and our little daughter Dania, she is two yrs and 5 months, a spoiled little lady raised by my mum and still in a wonderful contact with her even after we moved here,, we`ve been here for just five months [for study purposes] and i think that we started to love the city especially after we finally saw the sun and the weather became warmer which gave us the opportunity to explore the city and to discover many enteresting places to go ...
we came here in the middle of the winter, coming from a warm country it was a big shock to experience the real cold, the minus degrees and the snow!!! i was in panic covering my daughter from head to toe with multiple layers of clothes and i was so shocked when i saw the children with their small jackets and their heads uncovered ,, gradually i started to get used to the weather and to the city in general..
i must admit that the city is so full of life and there is alot of places to go and most of all it is full of history with its ancient buildings and churches ,, it is much different from my home country Libya with its ever shining sun and warm weather but it is simillar in the history side ,, my country is one of the biggest historical places in the world..
the people are so friendly here ,, i`m living in a beautiful neighbourhood ,, and always amazed with the neighbours friendly behaviour to eachother and to us ,, everybody is smiling and giving nice comments about my daughter ..
i guess that living here will be a new adventure and a good experience to all of us..
i just miss my mum and dad too much that i can`t handle it