Sunday, October 15, 2006

TAKE THAT (yes.. the band!!)

do you remember this band "TAKE THAT " used to rock the world back in the ninties with their hits.. i was in the university when they first reached the fame ,, i was collecting the new songs and it was a challenge for us students to have the newest .. i used to listen to their music on my way to the university.. they were representing us ..with their soft music and full of feelings words.. i still have all these memories rushed over to my mind when i listen to any of their songs..
so when we heard about Gari Barlow"the leader of the band" coming to our local supermarket to sign his book .. we were "me and Abubaker " like kids excited and over the moon .. preparing our camera and talking about our long distance memories back in the university when this band was a legend...
so we went on that day .. bought the book( i started to read it today) into the "q" then tah taaah.. here we are infront of him ....ooops ... he is short ... normal blond english man ... (and what do i expect!!!!) anyway i started to take the pictures of abubaker anad dania with the singer ,,i guess i was sooo excited that i was shaking (thus blurred photos!!)..
well i guess all of us have this beautiful memories of an old song or singer that you cherish so much ... and whenever you listen to this certain song or singer the memories keep rushing to your mind reminding you of that period of your life that you thought you forgot... that `s what happened with us. we ended that day talking about our memories back in the unviersity...trying to remember the songs and the words ...
we had his signature on the book (to Dania).. we waved good bye to him and we went back to our daily groceries to buy .. and with a smile on our faces .. we went out of the market looking happy and satisfied ... how nice it is to see a celebrity every now and then..

Sunday, October 08, 2006


"Dania in her PJ before sleeping!!"

well this is what we do on an ordinary ramadan day here..:

  • first my little angel will wake up at 9:00 o`clock and she will start her battle to wake me up too..
  • then after i surrender we go to the living room to open the cartoon channel..
  • prepare breakfast to dania which is usually toasts with butter and honey
  • if there is no university i just open the internet to see the updates and to read the latest blogs
  • at 4:00 straight to the kitchen to wonder what to cook for today
  • before sunset the marathon starts to finish all the cooking , frying, baking ,,ect on time
  • after iftar .. television television television television......

well i see alot of musalsalat"soaps"in ramadan,, especially this ramadan with nowhere to go after sunset ,, so we start with "Bab alhara" a syrian one with a lovely story of an old hara in damascus ,, i like the syrian atmosphere and the food is just amazing ,, but this musalsal is still without a story line (everything is still ideal and perfect ) and i think that this is the problem of ramadan programs they must stick to this number of episodes (30 ) so the story is stretched just to fulfill this period ,,

another musalsal is "7adaek alshetaan" by jamal sleman which i think that he performed the sa3eidi man so good (don`t you think) although he is not egyptian..again this musalsal has the same problem : no story yet..

then there is this musalsal of yaheiya elfakharani "seket alhelali" which i think is soo good and amazingly the story started already with a lot of events and suspence ,, i recomed it for you..

after.. i just wait for the cartoon "Alfereej" in Dubai to start ..a hilarious cartoon taking place in dubai the way Dania is addicted to it ..

then it is 11:30 long night to go..we just start again to change channels without concentration..then suddenly dania annouce (notice that she is the one deciding when to go to sleep!!!) that it is time to sleep ,, so i follow her ,,wait her till she sleeps ,, then turn back to the kitchen to prepare su7ur to Abubaker who is always nagging about eating too much with no exercise.. well hubby it is ramadan !!!

then it is sleep time ...

good night

Dania`s mama