Friday, November 24, 2006

Places around the world

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these are the places i visited or lived in ... thank you Aladdin ( ),, i really injoyed it

your sister
Um Dania

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Books Books Books...!!!!

I like books ,, i always have a book to read ... i usually read before sleeping but when in gets interesting especially in the final stages i end up reading all the time ...i can`t stay without a book to read, it makes me feel that i`m alone without my imaginary world , without the characters that i fell in love with,, or hate ,,
but what kind of books do i like most: well.. i like mostly the books with a story line ,, even if it is a historic book( like the WILD SWANS by Jung Chnag- thank you tears from heaven to remind me of it-!!) ,, i prefer to have a story inbetween to injoy it ,,,
recently i started to have interest in the biographies,, so during my stay in Libya (in summer) i read Gabriel Garsia Marquez `s book "Vivir para contarla" or in English: "live to tell"which was one of the best books i ever read.. so amazing and full of live...
before coming back to UK i took a book from my dad`s big library to read on my way home and again ..i fell in love with the book: " Daughter of Fortune"by Isabel Allende,,the story will turn you back to the early years of the ninteen century in the latin America and a love story of a lady who follows her heart to san fransisco (in the age of Gold craziness!!!) ... ok just read the book and tell me....
later on i started with a book named (حارث المياه) i don`t know how to translate it ! the auther `s name is Huda Barakat and the story is about Bairut during the civil war ,, so emotional and touching ,,
these days i started reading Ibrahim Alkouni ( the most famous libyan writer) `s (Alrubba Al Hajariya) "الربة الحجرية" ,,, a collection of short stories that will take you to the magical world of the desert in south libya with the supra-natural world of ghosts and jins and mysteries .... very interesting..
i like reading the arabic books ,, and arabic writers ,,, like نجيب محفوظ, صنع الله ابراهيم , انيس منصور , محمود السعدني,حنا مينة,محمد شكري,and many many more ... and i recomend everyone to read for these people ,, they are telling our stories ,, our lives..
there are alot of books that i read recently really but there are two books that i advice you to read and then to tell me what do you think of them :

1. "Memories of two hostages " about the french reporters christian shinto and george malbrunot who had been kidnapped for four months and released in late december 2004 ...their book is kind of a diary ,, a day by day diary to give the full image of how bad is the situation in Iraq ,,
2. " المشوهة" by the Saudian journalist and tv presenter Rania Albaz who had beed brutally abused by her husband ,, her story was all over the news last year , she even appeared in Oprah `s show in an contraversial episode about the women around the world ,, i remember that Oprah ended the report by saying that women in USA must be proud to be born in the country of liberty!!!
just read these two books if you have time, you will injoy it..

finally i must admit again that i`m one of the addicted fans of Harry Poter books ... and i`m inpatiently waiting for the final one to be released .... can`t wait....
well i know that this post is kind of boring ,,, but since i`m in the middle of my studies and all i see around me is books ,, therefore i got this idea of posting about books ,,, my ultimate passion!!!

see you