Friday, August 18, 2006

HEY...I`M BACK !!!

after almost three weeks of extreme hard work of preparations and reservations finally my brother`s fat7a and engagement party were over..and i`m back to my lovely virtual world of internet ..
the past few days were full of fun .. we were partying all time .. the house was crowded with my aunts , uncles and kids..AND DANIA!!
oh..Dania .. i had a hard time with her when our home became full of people .. she was crying most of the time asking to stay away from everybody so i ended up sitting with her for hours in our bedroom untill she calm down and agree to play with the other kids .. i must admit that my little lady has a strong character that surely will drive me crazy..but Dania was never like this before she used to love kids especially my young aunt`s kids(Ismail and Yaseen) but during the ceremony days she ignored them , refused to play with them.. i was so stressed with her..
yet she had these special moments of joy and happiness (at night) when we turn on the cd player (she is addicted to Shakeera`s song :hips don`t lie).. so when we just put this song ..she just start to pull up her t-shirt and wave her belly like shakeera do and make everybody laugh..
or when we put (gdoora habeeb ) songs - a singer from east of libya- she clubs her hands so hard and hit her foot on the ground as the old men do in such songs.. and again everybody laughs!!
but during the day hours ,, she is another one refusing to stay with anybody and insisting on following me everywhere (even to the bathroom!),,she almost drove me crazy..
on the fat7a day we brought "nouba"(a traditional musical band) to our home and it was a great fun but when everybody was busy dancing , singing , laughing .. i was holdling my little Dania as she refused to leave my arms ..everybody was giggling at my sight saying that she was instructed by her dad to not leave me so i could not dance infront of the male band!!!!
the following day was the engagement day .. i was the last to prepare myself as usual .. we were supposed to have all the family and closed friends coming to our home before going to the party.. we offered rozata(almond milk) and abamber(almond ....thing!!!) and i rushed to dress dania up and to do my make up and everything..and suddenly Dania slept..oh..god.. i tried to wake her up with no success she was deeply asleep..i finished her dressing while she was sleeping ...and when i finished and after i became covered in sweat(which made me re-wash my face and hair ..ect..ect) suddenly..she woke up again very nervous and so bad in temper shouting for Mema(me!) to come aned grab her.. i almost cried in despair..
later we managed to rush to the crowd waiting downstairs..i ran with everybody to handle the "sabatat" (decorated boxes and baskets full of everything from makeup to jewelery as presents to the bride) to my cousins .. to put the people in the cars.. yes.. i did everything with dania stuck to my abaya.. crying .. shouting that she wants to sleep (she was actually saing:please go nannu..!!!)i became so nervous at the moment that i almost bit her..
we arrived to the party .. everybody was holding one of these "sabatat" we entered accompanied by the sound of "al nouba" i felt so proud watching our people welcomed by the family of the bride .. my mother was so confortable ,, my sister was over the moon .. everybody was so happy.. the bride was so beautiful .. she was glowing..
later the dinner was served .. everybody was eating when suddenly my lovely dodo started to shout again asking to go home ..well not only that .. she actually started to run across the hall towards the entrance and i grab my dress and started to run after her .. it was so funny watching us .. but believe me i wished at the moment to die or to disapere .. i felt as if i was one of these rude women with their uneducated children making a scene infront of everybody.. well it ended up having dania between my feet trying to calm her .. the bride`s mother suggested at the moment to take her to my brother and his bride`s dinner table to eat with them just to change atmosphere.. and you know what ? it works.. she just sat watching them with amazement .. i was beside her .. at the time i started to wipe my forehead and to breath deeply at last..
the party was fantastic although i couldn`t enjoy most of it for well known reasons..!!! but still it was fantastic .. seeing my brother with his future wife made my eyes watering..he was handsome ..
later on everybody started to dance .. except me holding Dania who was now sleeping peacefully between my arms.. it is sooooo lovely to be a mum!!!!
well overall seeing everybody having the time of their life gave me some relief...
two days after we had the pictures .. i was only in two pictures .. two miserable pictures .. only two .. mama and sister and little brother where in every picture .. and me only two.. i will make my revenge on the wedding ceremony.. if HER MAJESTY allows..!!!
well these days i`m trying to take some rest after those stressful weeks .. Dania now in a better mood .. everybody is trying to give explanations to what happened with her.. my mama said that maybe because of those long months alone in Newcastle made her more into staying alone than being in the middle of a crowded house..
anyway.. everything is over now .. our home is quiet again.. i started to think about Newcastle again.. and Abubaker alone there.. i missed him too much especially through the fat7a day when all the male members of our family were there except him..
Dania started to ask about him .. today afternoon i showed her a video of her daddy back in UK , she was excited watching daddy and talking to him .. and i felt so miserable facing the never ending dilemma of staying with my lovely mama and family or staying with my lovely hubby..
i love my life and i thank god to what he gave me .. but it is always the human being nature to never be satisfied..
well that is what i have for now..
good bye..