Friday, September 29, 2006

Dania ..oh Dania!!!

I really wish there is any pecifier patches.. cause my darling is addicted to it: no pecifier means no sleep although she doesn`t use it during the day but at night it is another story ,,
I would like to let her stop it but I can`t or kinda afraid of ..I just can`t imagine how could dania get to sleep without it .. it became a trade mark or a sleep pattern ..
but as a dentist (or used to be!!) I`m affraid that her teeth could get damaged , they are still ok and she is not using it all the time but still it is a hazard for her teeth..
and you know what dania names her pecifier : mammu and since sleep is "nannu" in dania`s language ,, so when she ask for a MAMMU it means it is time for NANNU!!!!!
in another story we have this potty training tragedy .. I actually began with dania in libya and after few accidents she started to do it in the bathroom and I was like...WAAAAAW YESSSS!!! but when we came back here she just freaked out when she saw the bathroom and as a result we brought the Pampers and started all over again.. I think that I will re-train her after ramadan in sha`allah..
Ramdan .. this holy month it just reminds me of my family back home .. how we used to sit around the living room table (which we use it in ramadan only ) full of delicious food only mama could make ,chatting ..laughing ,,watching TV ,,and injoying the atmosphere..then after feast we put our pillows under our arms taking this semi-sleep position on the couches waiting for my mama lovely green tea (i`m trying to do it as you do mama..but never the same) with some ramadan sweets like mahallabia, ataief,zalabia and other delicacies..
those warm nights beside mama are priceless ,, i don`t know why this month is reminding me of my mother..i just can`t stop missing her, dad, aladdin, ghassan and lovely dody..
ramadan here is sooo un-ramadanic ,, in libya you feel it straight away; shops are opened till dawn ,, family visits ,, streets are crowded ..
well the good news is that the weather is good so we go out often ,,and also abubaker found all the goods we need for ramadan from a paki shop.... he found even zalabia (which is a great pleasure for abubaker),,so alittle bit of ramadan is here too..
but the problem is after sunset we just eat and sit nothing else ,,watching TV ,,opening internet ,,chatting with family ,,that`s it .. i think the problem is that we are not used to that ,, we are still new around here and still the memories of last year ramadan in our heads ..may be in the next one we will be done !!!
what else .. what else..oh yes!! I liked what anglolibyan wrote about the libyan women bloggers ,,thank you so much it was so encouraging .. I must admit that i have been inspired by Khadija terri ,,then I found it a good way to improve my english .. then it become addiction..i just can`t sleep every night before checking some of my favourate blogs ..even in my busiest time i still have those ten minutes to check and injoy thanks all for your lovely blogs ..
well i think that is for today i hope i could be more regular .. i will try to..
bye for now..

Dania`s mama

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ramadan Kareem

Mabrouk Ramadan to all of you ,, yes i`ve been away for awhile .. well.. i was i little bit busy.. now i came back to Newcastle after spending almost two months in Libya .. i started my studies few days ago.. so i sort of getting back to my routin life ..
well injoy these holy days .. may god bless you all..

kul sana wa antum taiebeen..