Saturday, June 09, 2007


Looks like I`ve been hibernating or something.. well the reality is that I `m soooooooooooooo BUSY with my studies that I don`t have time to anything litteraly!!
I would like to thank Faouzia (Global Voices) coz she was wondering where am I .. and Fauzia: Dania is fine thank you..
i noticed lately that a lot of new bloggers are joining our small world and I`m too excited to read their blogs ( when i finish my assignements in sha`allah ) .. anyway.. i`ve been following the news lately and seems that the world is now a better place to live since there is nothing to talk about but Paris Hilton prison break!!! ..

here is what i found

see you soon...
Um Dania


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Um Dania,

Oh my goodness, this is too funny. I was stumbling upon blogs as I'm relatively new to the community and found yours...what a pleasure.

MaySoon said...

LOOL Um el Ghazal Dania welcome back and rabi e3awnk, thanks for sharing...

dania2004 said...

thanks ibeebarbie for passing by.. i`m happy that our virtual community is expanding.. that`s great.. wellcome

Maysoon.. thanks for your lovely comment.. i`m happy that you still remember me.. boosa le Meral..

Um Dania

piccolina said...

loool that was soo funny but honestly that hilton girls pisses me off all the time and i keep telling my dad " damn it , the price of one of her big LV bags can make a whole family live for a year !!" DUH paris !!!!

GOD be with u in your study inshallah


PH said...

Those comics were so funny thanks for sharing :)