Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ramadaniyat ... and many more..!!!

Hello everybody

it`s been a long time since i last post anything.. i missed many anniversaries : my blog first birthday, my actual birthday,and many more... i have alot of news to tell and alot of stories to share.. it was a lovely summer with all the family gatherings ( my whole family visited me during the summer) .. and now our lovely Dania has started her school or should i say nursery.. it is indeed a new adventure for our little family... and we are enjoy it to the full..

Ramadan is about to finish.. between me and u : Ramadan is to be spent in our homelands ..!!!! I mean it is so ironic to be thirsty to death while somebody next to u is drinking his chilly coke ..

and after sunset .. the whole area becomes so quiet .. people are already in their homes preparing themselves to sleep .. while our fellows in Libya are filling the streets and the air with their noises and voices.!!!!.... anyway.. Ramadan Kareem...

during this month, we became hooked to a lovely (and annoying) musalsal named : bab el7ara باب الحارة .. it is not about the story (as i feel it is totally nonsence) but it is about the details of the family lives in this 7ara .. the food , the houses, the furniture, people`s behaviour towards each other, and the whole atmosphere ...

but after this musalsal .. me and my hubby usually find nothing to do really.. we usually reach to our PC`s to open internet .. or we just randomely watch whatever it is in the TV.. REALLY BORING..!!! ( i already finished about four books during this holy month .. which is a good thing really!!.. but still boring ..ahh!!)
anyway.. Ramadan is about to finish.. life will return to normal .. on December, i will go in sha`allah to Libya for my brother`s wedding...
what else..!! nothing really.. oh yeah!! i decided to write in both English and arabic... i have alot of things to be written in arabic.. but i will never stop writing in English as it is part of my learning ...
i hope i still have visitors ... it is been a long time ...but i will promise to keep up the posting.. i`m not as busy as i was before .. so no excuses!!!
see u
Um Dania


piccolina said...

look who is back mashallah WHERE HAVE U BEEENNN ???lol

ok ur girls is simplly cutttee mashallah mashallah

for bab el 7ara , it's season 2 this ramadan , i didn't skip any episode in season 1 lol and now 2 so to be honest i'm watching coz i LOVEEE abu shehab .. isn't he soo cute ?? and yes no story in thier lol

yalla looking forward to ur new posts


Anglo-Libyan said...

good know all is well and I agree, Ramadan is quite boring in the UK

MashaAllah, Dania looks so lovely, inshaAllah she enjoys the nursery.

Highlander said...

WElcome back ! everybody in the whole Arab world is watching bab el 7ara - this series is a hit !!!! and I mean a big one

Eid Mabrouk to you and your family and hugs to Dania !

dania2004 said...

Piccolina bella
grazie for ur compliment ..I`m really happy to know that u`re still checking on me ..
i just finished the last episode of Ba el7ara and between me and u .. i almost cried .. it is this wierd feeling that u are saying goodbye to people u know!! (crazy me)
and yes i saw the first season (it wasn`t that popular back then though) but i enjoyed it as well

although I wasn`t posting that much (or at all) .. but I was a loyal reader to ur blog (it is like an addiction) .. thanks for coming by..

AHLAN BEEK!! i really missed bloging .. in sha`allah I will not stop again..
i was discussing the success of this musalsal with my hubby .. i suggested that somebody must make some dummies and games and mugs and and and.. of bab el7ara main characters.. you know ..!! the first season dvds .. behind the scenes and some deleted scenes .. it will be great ... but who will care..!!!

thanks everybody for stopping by..
Um Dania

MaySoon said...

First welcome back, and wish we see more of you :o)..

Second, mashallah 3ala Dania looks amazing in her uniform.. hope she's enjoying nursery, as Meral is!

Bab el7ara emm.. I can only say.. all were crazy about it!

Hibo said...

WElcome back..nice to hear some good news in here.,