Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Long time..!!

Hey everybody, it`s been a while ha !!... well I`ve been really busy lately..with the studies and other stuff .... while I finished all my modules, I still have some work to do with my dissertation .. this is number one on my long list of must do for this year..!! the list is long, and it is getting longer day by day..!!
my days in Libya were awsome.. it is always great to spend some quality time with your family .. although weddings are not a perfect way to get some private time with mama and baba since the house is always full of people.. but the overall atmosphere was fantastic with all the gatherings and "gurmah" and fun...
I was back to Newcastle on the Christmas eve.. the following days were really dull .. untill last week when everything returned to normal .. first day of Dania`s school after christmas was really a big day.. she was really excited .. she got a big reception on her arrival (as she was off from the first week of December) .. with teachers hugging her and children shouting out her name.. I was happy to see this distinguished social development in Dania`s life...
as for me... I`m resuming my studies starting from next week .. the past few weeks were a good period to prepare myself and to research properly before meeting my supervisor.. it will be some stressful few months .. may allah help me..
here in Newcastle there is only one subject on people`s mouths : Newcastle United is without a manager ... you can`t imagine how these people are obsessed with their club.... my husband is one of them..!!!... the football club website have even provided a job description for the suitable candidate ... I hope that this problem will be solved as soon as possible.. I went once to the Stadium and it was one of my greatest experiences .....I would really like to do it again...

see ya
Um Dania

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